The Kickstart conversation

two girls sat talking to each other
We caught up with two new members of Team Broadsword, Project Assistant Christine and Administrative Assistant Toyin to talk about starting their new roles through the Kickstart scheme. 

As an events agency, developing young talent and providing opportunities in the events industry is paramount to Broadsword. We caught up Christine and Toyin to talk about the experience of a Kickstart scheme

Christine: So, how do you feel about having your first ever office job?

Toyin: I am really enjoying it. It’s very different to what I expected. I genuinely thought it would be repetitive and boring however the tasks have been engaging and I have learnt how to navigate a range of different workspaces, so it has been great.

Christine: Nice! It’s weird because I don’t think many people know that there are job opportunities out there right now. Because of Covid, I slightly gave up looking for my dream job — however the job centre advised me to look at the Kickstart scheme. I wanted a job I would love and could learn more from and Broadsword came up. I think it was one of the best things to happen to me all year.

Toyin: Same here. I was looking for a job to transfer my skills from my degree and this role was the perfect fit. The best part was the interview process. It wasn’t too lengthy or formal, just an easy conversation and a warm presence from people I didn’t know but felt as if I knew.

Christine: The interview process was incredibly easy for me as well. They laid everything out for you, providing great conversation. I wasn’t stressed at all!

Toyin: Without the Kickstart scheme it wouldn’t have been possible for me to land this role. 

Christine: I was really surprised that there were lots of creative roles within music, events, beauty, film and tv industries – everything a creative person could dream about. It’s an amazing opportunity to get practical experience, as most juniors don’t get paid for their time. It is a shame though, that you must be on universal credit to get this opportunity. 

Toyin: Yes, so many people would benefit from this scheme. I think if they widened their reach, very suitable candidates would get the right jobs.

Christine: On a brighter note, Broadsword were just incredibly organised. We got straight into training and the meet and greets with the team were so nice, don’t you think?!

Toyin: The whole process was so fast which made it more special because they were keen to employ me, and I felt my skill set and personality was wanted. That coupled with meeting the team, who were so friendly and welcoming, it didn’t feel real.

Christine: As someone who has interned and worked in different industries, it’s hard to feel welcomed into a company. You’re there to learn and help but you just get treated like a replaceable machine, working for close to nothing. I’ve only been at Broadsword for a month and they’re helping me every step of the way. Being given respect, responsibilities and empathy makes you feel like you’re a part of something and that your work is being appreciated.

Toyin: I completely agree, I think the attitude of each team member and the family environment really aids the work ethic and overall success of Broadsword. These kind of environments, especially in an industry as stressful as events, can make a company stand out for employee satisfaction and performance. 

Christine: Even the fact that there are no boundaries between senior members of staff to juniors – you can ask anyone for help and not fear them.

Toyin: Especially as a younger person starting work, ideally you would work with younger companies, so the transition is easier and more comfortable. However, Broadsword have many mature and experienced team members but it hasn’t made a difference, it’s been so easy and not scary at all.

Christine: It’s so difficult to start out in this industry and they have made it possible to truly start my dream career. Even though you are new to the events industry, what would be your perfect event to attend with the agency? 

Toyin: An interactive food event. It just seems so cool. What would yours be?

Christine: Anything where I got to create something weird and wonderful for people to experience that will stick with them, having some music, lights and funky colour schemes!

Toyin: Sounds so cool. Definitely witnessing some of the live events is going to be really fun.

Christine: I’m really looking forward to working at live events again, but also seeing the future of what hybrid events will morph into.

Toyin: It’s going to be a great few months and I am really excited to be working with you.

Christine: Same here!