An event planner's guide to Singapore

Dragon shaped fountain in Singapore
Producing global events means we travel to some incredible places, most recently Singapore for day two of a global roadshow. We’re sharing with you what we discovered along the way in the start of our new venue and destinations reports. 

Moody’s Credit Trends is a hybrid event series across ten countries, delivering content on market insights around the globe. 

Exploring global themes in credit took us to financial hubs across the globe, the first destination being Singapore, known for its lush green spaces amidst the bustling city and world-class airport. Arriving you instantly understand why it’s known as the Garden City. The Changi Airport is part of the experience in itself, with an indoor waterfall and over 500 000 plants making it feel more jungle than airport.

Indoor waterfall surrounded by trees in a dome Changi Airport

Green from the ground up

Singapore is leading the way to a sustainable future, with a mission to become the world’s most sustainable urban destination by 2030. This makes it an inspiring environment for discussions on climate and net zero and we are able to implement sustainability ourselves by measuring the carbon footprint of the entire event series. 

Almost 50% of the metropolis consists of green spaces, with innovative ways to weave nature throughout. Buildings exhibit green roofs and vertical gardens. Surrounded by a high-rise garden, a notable venue is the PARKROYAL collection Pickering.

One of the most impressive sights to see in Singapore is the towering Super tree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. The futuristic structures are up to 50 metres high, housing hundreds of thousands of plants. They even function like live trees, being utilised to catch rainwater and store energy through solar panels for the nightly light shows.

Tree shaped structures with purple lights Super Tree Grove

The Westin

Broadsword Asia Pacific delivered day two of the roadshow at the The Westin Hotel in the heart of the financial district along Marina Bay. The business hotel, owned by Marriott, hosts floor to ceiling glass windows to enjoy views of the Marina Bay skyline during breaks from credit discussions.

Hotel lobby with floor to ceiling windows showing a view of the city The Westin’s incredible views of Marina Bay