B. listening - Episode 13. Being Creative with Cat Kevern

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Smiling woman with dark brown curly hair and wearing a black blazer on a purple and teal gradient background.
Cat, Chair of the Network of Women in Events, joins us for this podcast episode to share more about NOWIE and how a support network to creativity in marketing, graphic design and events. 

This year non-profit organisation NOWIE, the Network of Women in Events, is celebrating ten years of providing networking, job opportunities and a safe space for women in events. 

As Chair and Marketing Manager of NOWIE, Cat is passionate about striving for better opportunities for women in the industry and plays a key role in the delivery of networking events, projects and programmes aiming to support the events community.

Cat has been heavily involved in the live events scene over the last eight years, working around the world at some of the most iconic events and venues. From sporting events to festivals in Costa Rica, New Zealand and even Albania, she travels the world freelancing in an array of different roles using her fluent French and Spanish. Recently, Cat has been focusing her attention on her marketing projects which she works on alongside her events.

She shares her advice for working in creative fields including how she keeps organised, inspired and avoids burnout. Listen below or on Spotify.