Be Listening - Episode 5. The Carbon Conversation with Eddie Fitzgerald-Barron

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In celebration of Earth Day, we discussed all things Carbon with Eddie Fitzgerald-Barron , a co-founder of environmental consultancy C Free. 

The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is increasing, causing global warming and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions. These increases are causing detrimental effects to many aspects of our world, such as our animals, crops and life as humans.

For this Earth Day episode, we are joined by Eddie Fitzgerald-Barron, a co-founder of C Free.

Eddie completed a master’s in Multidisciplinary Innovation and went on to work in sales and consultancy at a company that helps protect a brand’s reputation across social media. Adam, C Free’s other co-founder, completed a PhD in Data Science and Theoretical Physics. Together they started C Free, an environmental consultancy that leverages technology to accurately measure the carbon footprint of businesses and products. They launched C Free in July 2020 and now work with just under 50 businesses across multiple sectors.

In this episode, Eddie describes how businesses can measure their carbon footprint using a data-driven solution. C Free has built a set of tools and algorithms to read through large data sets in order to understand the carbon emissions related to the operations of a business. Eddie also shares his thoughts on the feasibility of carbon-neutral events and the reasonings why. 

Eddie highlights that businesses must take responsibility for their carbon footprint in order to reduce it. To know where to reduce, it’s best to start with a measurement so you can highlight the areas where you are having the most impact.

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