Be Listening - Episode 1. Adjusting The Narrative

Hello and welcome to our first episode of Be Listening’ — Broadswords new podcast. 

Hello and welcome to our first Be Listening’ episode, Broadsword’s new podcast.

Episodes are hosted by Creative Director, Martin Walton and feature warm conversations with a variety of different guests and topics, aiming to inform and inspire individuals across the event industry.

This first episode features Marni Smyth, a freelance researcher for Purple Goat. Marni is also a PhD student in Art and Design and is currently working on how to make the Printed Textiles industry more accessible for physically disabled designers. She uses her first-hand experience of being disabled to try to educate people, fight for equal opportunities and give everyone a voice. 

Marni is also a Trustee of the charity TreatSMA who strive to improve the diagnostics, standard of care, social support, and access to treatment for people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

You can see the reports and practical advice for event planners referenced in the podcast by Marni here within the Inclusion and Accessibility section of the Resources page. Extensive research was conducted as part of a project for Innovate UK which focused on improving events, making them more inclusive and accessible.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Let’s learn something new together.

*To view a transcript of the podcast, please visit this page.