Be Listening - Episode 10. Getting into events with Sasha Hollie Green

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In this episode we speak to Sasha Hollie Green, Co-founder of Future Event Leaders about her experience of doing an Event Management degree and this route into the event industry. 

As there are many career paths in the events industry, we look at the option of doing Event Management degrees and explore the different opportunities for event profs. Sasha shares more about her experience and how this shaped her career today, as well as advice for students and the benefits she found in attending university.

She is glad to have gone down the university route; listen to find out why…

We hope you enjoy this episode.

A girl outside. She has blonde hair and glasses and a black top.

About Sasha

Saha is an ambitious next generation event professional aiming to bring about sustainable change within the events industry and drive better work opportunities for industry newcomers. She graduated with a first class honours degree in Event Management and in this time won AEMEs most inspirational student and EVCOM’s Realise Award, winning mentorship from our MD Anna Green.

She is a Co-founder of Future Event Leaders, an industry initiative that connects event businesses with engaged industry newcomers to provide job and placement opportunities. If you are looking for opportunities or to start a career in the events industry, have a look at the Future Event Leaders Website.