Be listening episode 11. Pathways to leadership with Claire Fennelow

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To celebrate International Women’s Day we invited Claire Fennelow, Executive Director of EVCOM, to share her pathway to leadership and how we can support women in the industry. 

Claire has several decades of experience behind her in the planning and delivery of national and international programmes, events awards schemes, conferences and bespoke events. A considerable amount of her working life has been spent in and amongst the creative sector and she is an inspirational figure in the industry, particularly known for heading up EVCOM initiatives.

EVCOM is a membership organisation that represents the corporate film and events industry, supporting agencies and production companies by showcasing their creativity, sharing knowledge and campaigning for CSR in the sector. With our own MD, Anna, on the board, we highly recommend a membership with EVCOM.

Claire shares insight into having a non-linear career path and managing hugely different workplace environments along with her advice for those who are new to the industry or who may be feeling lost in their career path. 

On the topic of International Women’s Day, we also discuss challenges women face in the industry and how we might work towards breaking the glass ceiling in leadership roles. A report by IBTM highlights that the meetings, incentive and events industries are dominated by women but run by men’ with only 16% of women included occupying directorial positions, in comparison to 32% of men.

We hope you enjoy listening and find it helpful. Listen below or on Spotify here.

Headshot Claire Fennelow

A bit more about Claire

What does creativity mean to you? 

In the purest sense of the word, art, literature, films and those lucky, lucky people whose creativity make these things. And then, those people who just think differently and take a different approach to a problem. Sometimes considered quite bonkers but then proven to work.

What do you enjoy most about being part of EVCOM?

The variety (and boy has there been a lot of that in the last 3 years), the really friendly, enthusiastic members who support us in so many ways and the feeling of making a difference and providing services that are needed.

Three things you can’t live without?

Food/​wine (has to count as one), films and blue skies. And if I wasn’t a terrible, shallow individual I would say my son, my husband and friends. But I’m pretty sure they all understand where they stand in relations to food/​wine…

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