Be Listening - Episode 12. The Co-working Conversation with Laura Beales

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Co-founder of Tally Workspace, Laura Beales, shares more about co-working, her advice for creating a healthy and productive workspace and her outlook on trends such as a four day work week. 

Broadsword is a remote agency, with team members based from home often booking hot desks, and meeting rooms to work together or find a change in scenery. This is perfect for event planning that takes us to venues across the world, so we wanted to explore if its the way forward for work-life balance:

The rise of remote working started with the global pandemic and since then 81% of the workforce say they never want to return to work five days a week in the office, with three-quarters of London’s workers saying they’d rather quit their jobs than give up their right to work remotely.

Tally Workspace is a place to book co-working spaces and flexible offices across the globe. The mission is to meet the needs of your team, wether remote, hybrid or office-based. You can find one of Laura’s favourite workspaces, mentioned in the episode, here.

In this episode, Laura shares what people are looking for from a workspace and how to create a healthy and productive environment along with her insight trends such as a a four day work week. We also discuss her journey and advice for entrepreneurial event profs.

Listen below or on Spotify. We hope you enjoy listening and find this episode useful!

Laura Beales is the co-founder and COO of Tally Workspace and has worked in startups for the past 6 years. Tally Workspace makes it easy for companies to find and compare workspaces — from full-time offices to hot desks and meeting rooms or event spaces.

She is passionate about the future of workspace and working with companies to enable flexible and hybrid ways of working.