Be Listening - Episode 4. International Women’s Day with Juliette Foster

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Happy Internationals Women’s Day! Award winning TV and radio Presenter, Juliette Foster, shares more about her career and advice for women in the events industry. 

In order to raise more awareness and shed some light on amazing women in the events industry, we were joined by a very special guest for our fourth podcast episode – Juliette Foster. 

Juliette Foster is an award-winning TV and radio presenter who has presented flagship programmes for Sky News, the BBC and African channel Arise News, even winning a BEFFTA for TV personality of the year. With her business background in news presentation, Juliette has the perfect pedigree for hosting and moderating conferences and other events within the corporate sectors.

In the episode Juliette described her entry into the presenting world and the experiences she gained which led her to where she is today. We discussed how the COVID pandemic affected the industry and how it forced her to adapt to the increased use of media technology whilst still managing her business with clients. Juliette also touched on the importance of understanding the reality of what is has been and is to be a woman in this pandemic, before moving on to the significance of International Women’s Day as a whole.

To Juliette, International Women’s Day means gratitude, and she unravels what that means in the podcast, highlighting the differences between being a woman in the UK and being a woman in other countries across the world. She also provided some useful advice for women who desire to break into radio or television presenting, and finally touched upon how as an industry we can do more to support women’s success and promote greater diversity in the workplace. 

On behalf of her fee, we will be donating to a charity of Juliette’s choice — the Southall Black Sisters. This charity informs society and fights against gender-related violence towards women whilst also supporting and empowering women to be the author of their own stories. 

We hope you enjoy this episode! Listen on Spotify here.