Be Listening – Episode 6. Talking through challenges and trends in global comms with Claire Purves

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We were joined with Claire Purves on this episode, to discuss global communications for your workforce and strategies in an era of change. 

An organisation’s core values help drive employees, giving them a purpose to work towards or work for. These values are also important to convey with the right tone, which is the role of the communications director. We had the opportunity to interview Claire Purves for this episode, an award-winning and performance-driven Global Communications Director to find out more about her career and role as a communications professional. 

Claire has 10 years of experience in strategic communications and is skilled in Employee Engagement, Crisis Communications, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Communications and Global Online Event Management. Claire’s vast experience has led her to move across the pond from Scotland to America. 

In this episode, Claire describes what a communications role looks like within an organisation, incorporating the change of remote working. Claire identified how we should embrace it as it can provide us with fresh challenges to become sharper at communicating and considering finer details such as the time to communicate and welcome it. Claire finally covers the impact technology has had on communication professionals. There are many positives, such as the variety of platforms available, however as we have become more accessible to our families and colleagues, there needs to be a greater focus on the clarity of messages. She also highlighted the importance of boundaries for communicating using to ensure that a work-life balance is achieved and also that employees remain productive. 

We hope you learn something new from this episode! Thank you for listening. Listen on Spotify