Be Listening - Episode 7. Learning our non-negotiables with Siôn Stansfield

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Co-founder of Point3 Wellbeing, Siôn Stansfield, joined us to discuss mental health and wellbeing, specifically highlighting the challenges for mental health within the events industry. 

Mental health awareness week took place early in May, with the theme of loneliness being very relatable for most people considering the last two years of significant change in our day to day lives. As we have all worked through the physical change and currently adapting back to life similar to before the pandemic, our mental state may have been neglected. 

To ensure this conversation continues around mental health and wellbeing, particularly in the workplace and events industry, Siôn Stansfield joined us for our seventh episode to shed some light on the topic.

Siôn Stansfield spent 10 years creating high profile sporting experiences for brands including Adidas, Nike, Nissan and Lucozade Sport, including Football World Cups and Champions League Finals. Siôn then transitioned into the well-being industry and became co-founder of mental-health and wellbeing agency POINT3. As co-founder of POINT3 Wellbeing, Siôn hosts regular talks and workshops on these areas with a particular focus on how to optimise performance ‑both in and out of work ‑to businesses including HSBC, Deloitte, Google, Northern Trust and now here at Broadsword.

Outside of the workplace, Siôn is passionate about sport (he takes his triathlon fairly seriously and competed at the 2019 Ironman World Championships), his food (eating rather than cooking) and learning Spanish (something he wishes he had put more time into at school!). In this episode Siôn explains why it is so important to care and learn about ourselves and our mental health, highlighting that there is still an unconscious stigma and bias towards mental health even within the events industry, however, more open conversations and awareness days can contribute towards irradicating such stigma. 

Siôn also touched upon the impact of the pandemic on our mental health, providing some fantastic tips on how we can prioritise our wellbeing going forward. One of the top tips was to learn your non-negotiables which Siôn described as things that are small which you can do often to help de-stress and de-compress, promoting more effective work. Siôn addressed that the fast-paced nature of the events industry requires these non-negotiables to ensure a work-life balance and that there is always a priority and self-awareness of your own mental state.

To connect with Siôn, find him on LinkedIn or Strava! 

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