Be Listening - Episode 8. Asia Pacific Events Industry Insight with Angie Choi

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In this episode, we speak to event expert Angie Choi, based in Hong Kong, about her journey into the events industry and current trends within in Asia Pacific region. 

As the effects of the pandemic have been worldwide, varying from continent to continent, Angie shares some insight into the effects on the events industry in the Asia Pacific region. Due to the strict restrictions in Hong Kong, virtual events became a mainstay in 2020, with the introduction of hybrid events where the restrictions would allow. However, more recently in cities such as Singapore and Bangkok, live events are booming again as the restrictions have been reduced. 

Angie’s background: With over 20 years of professional service experience in television, magazine publication, auditing and more, Angie is a multifaceted events and communications expert. Realising big picture strategy via meticulous execution of an event, Angie applies her solid and diverse knowledge by being the mastermind of numerous large-scale projects, leading teams in the execution of top-notch events in the Asia Pacific region.

We hope you enjoy this episode, gaining greater insight into the world of events from a different global perspective. To listen now, click the link below or listen on Spotify.