Be Listening - Episode 9. Ever thought of Apprenticeships? with Julie-Ann Hammond

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For this episode of Be Listening, we were joined by Senior Account Manager Julie-Ann Hammond from Just IT who shared her experience of helping young people get apprenticeships and the benefits of this route into the world of work. 

The big question posed to all young people throughout their time at school is What’s next?’ For some, it may not be as clear as for others. Certain schools will push students into applying for university, whereas others will promote the world of work. The middle ground between both, is applying for an apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeships are pathways which allow individuals to gain valuable experience and an income by receiving on-the-job training accompanied by further study and another qualification. 

In this episode, Senior Account Manager Julie-Ann Hammond at Just IT, a specialist IT apprenticeship training provider, sheds light on this route for young people, highlighting the differences and benefits between apprenticeships and other routes such as internships and university degrees.

This episode also touches upon some inequalities within the STEM industry. Statistics show that under 30% of women study these subjects and make up the workforce, emphasising the challenges that are still present. Just IT and Julie-Ann have implemented different strategies to help bridge the gap by running events to encourage the take up of subjects or apprenticeships in STEM. 

For more advice and insight on apprenticeships from Julie-Ann and a technology perspective, listen to the episode below or on Spotify.

Julie-Ann has over six years of experience helping individuals start and develop their careers in IT using apprenticeship training. With a background in digital”, Julie-Ann draws on her own experience and expertise of working in web technologies, to understand and support employers looking to hire an IT apprentice or upskill an existing employee. Outside of her professional work, Julie-Ann is an active runner, swimmer and cyclist and represented GB at the 2020 European Duathlon Championships in Spain.