Five ways an exhibition stand can be sustainable

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A birds eye shot of an exhibition stand that has wooden panelling and four chairs around a table
Trade shows, while great for sales generation and brand awareness, are known for their impact on the planet from single use materials and the hundreds of business cards and gifts exchanged. But, with 92% of businesses planning to be more eco-conscious when exhibiting, here’s five ways we can build a sustainable exhibition stand. 

1. Reuse or recycle

One of the most important things for a eco-friendly exhibition stand is ensuring it isn’t single use and nothing needs to be thrown away at the end of the day. Try to reuse your graphics and materials if you exhibit annually (your build partner may be able to store these for you). While choosing materials, make choices that can be recycled or choose modular designs that can easily be taken down, transported and reused in other ways.

2. Go paper-free

Brochures and business cards have been a key element in trade shows but are often inevitably thrown away after the event. The same information can be conveyed digitally through QR codes that also track attendee data and ROI. Technology can also be used to draw attendees to your stand, with bold LED walls rather than print graphics and interactive displays and games such as tablets and touch screens that can be engaged with. 

3. Purposeful giveaways

Now for the gifts. Everyone loves a freebie but making giveaways long lasting and useful for your attendee increases its lifespan and interaction with your brand and its sustainable values. For example a common sustainable’ gift is the tote bag. Did you know that due to overproduction and the water usage, you would need to use a tote bag nearly 20,000 times in order to offset its environmental impact?

Opt for something that reminds of your sustainable values, for example some recent exhibitions we have visited have opted for wildflower seeds, metal straws and a prize draw or drink refill station to attract attendees. 

4. Carpets and flooring

Swap out a polyester carpet for a sustainable alternative. This year, the Event Production Show stopped using carpet to cover the massive space at ExCel and left the floor uncovered. 

5. Offset

While carbon reduction should always be a first priority, an exhibition stand can be carbon neutral through offsetting transport of materials and the production. 

Tip: Shout about it

Sustainability is a selling point for many, with 65% of UK consumers think about the environmental impact of the items they buy, a sustainable stand and marketing can make you stand out in a busy trade show.

Want to make your exhibition stand sustainable? We can help.

We can create exhibition stands, from design to build. Get in touch to learn more about how we can make an impact on customers and not the planet.