B.listening: Future-proof your event with Jürgen Alker

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What does Web3 mean for the future of event experiences? Join the conversation with Jürgen Alker, Co-Founder and Director of Highsnobiety’s NFT Studio. He shares recent trends in AI, NFTs and the journey into Web3 in Season two Episode two of our podcast series. 

Imagine the future of event production, what does it look like? Will the virtual world be integrated into physical experiences? 

Jürgen Alker shares his path to become Director and Co-Founder of NFT Studio at High Snobiety. He specialises in NFTs and Web3 and digital transformation, helping businesses step into the future and find their strategy. 

As an event agency, we are constantly adapting to the increasingly digital world with the continuation of virtual events and, now, the capabilities event technology advancing with the endless opportunities from implementing AI. Recently Broadsword delivered an immersive conference centred around seeing beyond reality’, where we used motion capture technology to create an avatar version on screen of Jürgen, who was the keynote speaker.

We talk to him about leveraging trends in technology to enhance event production and event experiences. He shares his predictions on how the work environment and connecting virtually will evolve, especially for the next generation, which a virtual world is natural for, discussing the advancements of gaming, virtual concerts and video conferencing. Why should the internet stop here?”

Ready to dive into the future of events? Listen to the full episode below or on Spotify.