Meet Broadsword's Creative Lead

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We are delighted to welcome yet another new team member to our growing agency. Aisha joins Broadsword as Creative Lead to develop creative event solutions and concepts. 

As Creative Lead, Aisha’s role mainly involves designing, developing and executing all event visual solutions including branding, stage design, theming, dressing and event invitations as well as producing conceptual ideas for clients, and managing the entire print process from allocation to delivery.

We asked Aisha some questions to get to know her better: 

What made you excited or want to work with Broadsword? 

I really love the family-feel, how collaborative the team is and the fact that everyone knows their stuff. It’s an amazing team to be a part of and I’m so excited to create unique client experiences together.

What did you do before coming to Broadsword?

I was a designer for the Intellectual Property and Science division of Thomson Reuters which later became its own company; Clarivate. During my 6+ years there, I supported the global rebrand and helped evolved the new brand, which was a very rare and unique experience! 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

This year, I’m looking forward to placing creative at the heart of Broadsword, elevating our offerings to our clients and exploring what’s possible with new technologies in the industry. Really exciting times ahead.

What would your advice be to someone who is interested in a similar career path or who wants to work in your field?

When starting out, try everything and always be open to learning. Listen to people, build relationships and be confident and personable when communicating your work. Lastly, don’t be so precious about your ideas; get them out and just let go.

What is a proud career moment for you?

Supporting the Thomson Reuters to Clarivate rebrand. It’s not very often you get to be part of a global rebrand of that scale as a designer. Although it had its challenging moments, it was also the best learning experience for me.