Meet Broadsword's Digital Marketing Apprentice

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In 2022, Broadsword welcomed a new apprentice to our events company: Digital Marketing Apprentice, Amy. As the apprenticeship comes to an end, she wraps up some of the lessons learnt along the way and the benefits of apprenticeships to students as well as events companies. 

What’s a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship like? 

Straight after finishing my A levels, I applied for a role at Broadsword through apprenticeship provider Just IT, for the position of Digital Marketing Apprentice.

As I had just finished school, I didn’t know what to expect from the working world and wasn’t quite sure what an apprenticeship consisted of. I was hoping to find a route where I could get first-hand experience about a career in marketing but I felt that there was a lack of advice in schools, especially surrounding apprenticeships.

After starting my role at Broadsword, I quickly felt that my ideas were being heard and I was given many opportunities to develop my skills and get involved in different teams despite being the most junior member of staff at the time. I took on responsibilities such as managing the social media channels, writing blogs and creating content.

If I had one piece of advice for apprentices, it is to go out of your comfort zone and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. For example, ask different team members what you can help them with, volunteer for various tasks and share your ideas!

What’s is an apprenticeship in the events industry like?

It was exciting to join such a unique events company in an ever-evolving events industry. Managing Director, Anna Green, was on a mission to get me out and about despite being in a remote team, and encouraged me to attend networking and industry events to help my confidence grow. I had so many opportunities to travel, including attending site visits, exploring venues across London such as the Shard, whilst creating content onsite at some incredible client events.

I found that it was incredibly important to be in a supportive workplace. The supportive nature of the company has definitely impacted the growth and results from our marketing campaigns and social media channels. It has been rewarding to see the evolution of our channels throughout the year, engagement online increase, and a solid marketing strategy utilised.

What does a digital marketing apprenticeship consist of?

Throughout the year I completed a monthly hour log of all the training I was doing in the workplace and a portfolio of my work.

I also completed three training sessions and consequent exams (Marketing Principles, Principles of Coding and Google Analytics)

I was graded holistically on all these things, as well as an end point assessment. The assessment was a week-long project to focus on creating a relevant marketing campaign of your choice. Once this is completed, I was interviewed about the project I had created.

What are the next steps for an apprentice?

The level three apprenticeship is an A Level equivalent and is a great stepping stone to get into the world of work or progress further in education, with a level 4, or level 6 apprenticeship.

Career progression within Broadsword means I will be continuing in the company as a Digital Marketing Executive while studying a degree level apprenticeship. 

Broadsword is on the advisory board for Events Apprenticeships to encourage more people to take this career path and more event companies to hire apprentices. If you are curious about apprenticeships in the event industry, you can find apprenticeship opportunities such as Events Assistant and Production Technician roles.’