Meet Broadsword's three new apprentices

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Meet our new team members, Ryan, Adam and Bruce! We are delighted to welcome three new apprentices to team Broadsword. Get to know them on our blog, where they answer questions about their apprenticeship experience so far. 

As an events agency, we believe developing the next generation of talent and providing opportunities for young people is the future of the events industry and this has been a key focus for Broadsword. 

Ryan, Adam and Bruce will be supported in working towards their qualification while gaining hands-on experience within our team. 

Adam joins as a Content Design Apprentice, having completed his A Levels while running a freelance graphic design business.

I am excited to join Broadsword and the events industry because it’s ever-changing. Unlike other creative careers, the events space always progresses and each job we work on will be different from the previous. 

I’m also looking forward to learning new skills as we work on more projects, such as AI most recently. For a long time, I had been teaching myself skills in Adobe for client work during sixth form. After that I really wanted to move into that area, I initially started searching for all-level positions but then realised apprenticeships were perfect for me. Apprenticeships offer a unique career path that teaches skills with hands-on learning and industry experience, which I think is much more valuable than a higher qualification”.

What is an apprenticeship like?

There is a lot to learn but it has been easy to take in, you are not rushed, and the seminars are a great way to meet industry professionals and ask any questions you have. I have already picked up many more skills through the programme and our different coaches. There is clear and structured learning that allows for more experience and better connections, which can help with the transition to a full-time role.”

What is your advice to students?

Step out of your comfort zone as it’s the best way to grow”.

Ryan also joins as a Content Design Apprentice, with a passion for design. He studied Art and Design at university before starting an apprenticeship where he is aiming to develop his creative skillset further. 

I wanted to do an apprenticeship to gain hands-on and industry experience and I’m excited to broaden my creative skillset. I think this route is a good foot in the door and introduction to a career path, regarding making an impact and forming new connections”. 

What is an apprenticeship like?

It involves a mix of working on the job, helping with the job role as well as working on apprenticeship coursework and taking part in seminars.”

What is your advice to students?

I would advise students to take the chance and apply for an apprenticeship, if you haven’t already, as it’s definitely a great learning experience and I have already learnt a lot more than I did at school”.

What is a Content Design Apprenticeship? 

They will both be working closely with our Creative Director to create visual content for live and virtual events, having already worked on some exciting projects such as signage and graphics for events and learning to create virtual avatars that have been used to promote our podcast.

Bruce joins as a Facilities & Resourcing Coordinator Apprentice, after working as an Event Coordinator. 

I am looking forward to getting a deeper insight into the events industry, as well as learning from the skilled team. I also hope to become part of that team and contribute in a meaningful way to the business.

For me, an apprenticeship presents the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge in a real-world environment. I learn best in a practical setting where I can see how both my success and failure impacts the real world, and how I can improve in the future. I am also motivated by a tangible goal, rather than a grade boundary on an exam.”

What is your advice to students?

Never turn down an opportunity to learn something new, and pay attention to what your more experienced team members are doing.”

What is a Facilities and Resourcing Coordinator Apprenticeship like?

Bruce will be working as part of the Operations team to assist with internal activities including onboarding suppliers and freelancers, performing background checks, managing health and safety and taking responsibility for sustainability.

If you are interested in joining the events industry, you can find a range of opportunities with Events Apprenticeships, an industry led initiative with Broadsword’s MD on the board. You can also get in touch with us to see if we have any available work experience opportunities across our business.