Meet our new team members

Join us in welcoming four new team members to Broadsword: Amy, Shayna, Lucy and Beth. 

Broadsword is growing! Meet Amy, Digital Marketing Apprentice, Shayna, Content Producer, Lucy, Senior Account Manager and Beth, VP, Broadsword Americas. We asked a couple of questions to get to know them a little better.

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick? 

Amy: Instagram, Spotify and Camera

Beth: News, Podcast and Whatsapp

Shayna: Spotify, Duolingo (652 day streak and still going strong!) and Citymapper which Iwould be lost without.

Lucy: Instagram, although I need to spend less time on it (just ask my screen time). City mapper, so I don’t continuously get lost and Spotify, with Jessie Ware on repeat.

What’s your most used productivity hack?

Amy: Making to do lists.

Beth: Start the day with the toughest task. Once the most demanding task is done, everything else seems a little more effortless.

Shayna: Music, music and music!

Lucy: After writing my to-do list, I number tasks in order of priority, always remembering to eat the frog!’ and start with the biggest and most time consuming task first. I also add my tasks to my outlook calendar so I block out the time that I need to complete each task in my daily schedule. If I am looking for a little extra kick on an action-packed day, I promise myself a reward if I finish a task on time; usually a cuppa or a sweet treat!

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Amy: Going out to restaurants.

Beth: Walking my dog, and probably some sort of diy on the house I am renovating at the moment.

Shayna: Spending quality time with family/​friends as well as exploring and finding a new hobby to add to the list (it’s a long list)

Lucy: Usually out with my husband and our friends for dinner and drinks, a brunch or, if I can still hack it, at Printworks. Also spending time with family.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

Amy: Moving to London to start working for Broadsword. 

Beth: In 2017 I did a secondment in Dubai for 6 months. During that time, we successfully hosted a number of challenging events in a short space of time.

Shayna: I introduced an anti-terrorism drill in my theatre venue at the time. This was then rolled out company wide and encouraged a training day with the metropolitan police. It’s a shame that one had to be brought in but knowing that former colleagues and new employees of the company were just that more prepared if something terrible was to happen puts me at ease. It makes me feel very proud knowing that I thought the idea up and could potentially save lives.

Lucy: Winning staffing agency of the year recently at the Campaign Experience Awards. A super proud moment not only being part of such a diverse and brilliant team but incredibly proud of what we achieved all together and our personal contributions, especially in the most challenging of circumstances during Covid. 

How do you prefer to start and end your day?

Amy: I prefer to exercise in the morning, and watch a film at night.

Beth: Morning — coffee. Evening — a true crime documentary and walking my dog.

Shayna: I always start my day with music whether it’s the radio or a playlist on Spotify and I’d prefer to end it with a book (either physical or audiobook) but usually it’s Netflix.

Lucy: I like to start my day with a workout (even if I have to talk myself into it) and a healthy breakfast. I also make sure I give my cat, Mayo breakfast and some attention otherwise she meows the house down if I don’t (diva). In the evenings I love watching a series and going to bed early like the Grandma I am!