New York, New York

Following a very successful week of events for Broadsword Americas, we met with Technical Director Mark who is supporting our US team. He shares his passion for events, an insight into working in New York and more about his career. 

Tell us more about your role? 

As a Technical Director supporting Broadsword Americas I oversee and produce all technical solutions, workflows and their executions for events taking place for accounts within the United States. My involvement ranges throughout conception through completion for each project; working closely with the Broadsword team from the initial budgeting stage, and eventually culminating with tech, producing, directing and/​or show calling the event itself. 

How did you get into events?

After a few decades in network broadcast studio production and post-production, I eventually took on the role of Director of Live Production for A+E Networks. It was there when I started producing their live events, specifically their large-scale annual Network Upfronts. From then on live events have either shared space in, or dominated, my career.

What do you enjoy about working in the events industry?

The rush of a live event. Events are a true team effort and there is little room for mistakes. Every department and every member must know their role, master it, and have seamless backup plans and solutions at the ready. It’s satisfying to complete an event that’s been months in the making in a compact long day. 

What motivates you? 

Innovation. Nothing discourages me more than taking the repetitive, and often dated solution because of comfort. I love to challenge myself, the event, and the team to push boundaries.

What’s your best piece of advice?

Whether it’s Jennifer Garner or Jennifer from accounting in front of the camera and on the stage, lead with the same expectation for success. Whether you are feeding a Zoom webinar or the multiple broadcast networks, treat what you are doing like it’s everyone’s Oscars and you will get the most out of yourself and those around you. As a director you are directing people first and foremost. Passion and Energy for what you are doing in the moment go a long way with leadership.

What do you like about producing events in New York?

Being born and raised in New York I might be completely biased, but I can’t ever get enough. I think Live Television and Live Events Production epitomizes the New York culture and approach to living like no other: intense, glamourous, and invigorating.

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