Inside Shop Wars: Our Team's Volunteering Challenge

Man in green poncho next to green sign outside of shop
Team Broadsword supported Hospice’s of Hope through their Charity Shop Wars volunteering challenge: an engaging team building day that really made a difference. 

The Broadsword team took over two of Hospices of Hope’s charity shops in London for the day. We competed to raise the most money for the charity in this unique corporate challenge that combines team building and volunteering. 

We saw countless benefits from spending the day engaging as a team, challenging ourselves to be creative and collaborate with each other in a new way, and to give back to a good cause.

Location one : Pimlico

In the Pimlico store, the team worked on transforming the store into an inviting shopping experience, rearranging displays, dressing the windows, creating a playlist and adding signage to promote their newly created plant sale.

Pimlico had a great collection of books, which the team members got to work organising by colour and choosing their top picks’ including Marketing Apprentice, Amy’s book-tok’ section. 

Making the most of the rainy weather, team members outside (dressed in green ponchos and wellies) invited passing customers into the store, promoting the items inside (we sold out of umbrellas!)

Senior Production Manager, Jen, took on the role as team leader for the Pimlico store:

Being remote most of the time, it was a nice opportunity to work” on-site” with those colleagues that we don’t spend as much time with. 

I enjoyed volunteering somewhere that is part of a community. The locals and regulars were supportive and stopped for chats which made us feel really welcome!”

woman putting colourful books on shelf
group of people stood outside shop with table of plants smiling for picture

Location two: Waterloo

In Waterloo the team utilised the busy street and market going on outside to promote the shop. This meant getting outside and interacting with people walking past and they came up with the idea of having their own mascot in a dinosaur costume. 

This was a big hit with children as the dinosaur handed out themed stickers and balloons, as well as the rest of the team handing out leaflets in a donate for dino campaign.

Team members inside the shop were busy helping the staff by sorting through the many donations the shop receives. It was brilliant to be able to offer a helping hand to the volunteers who work in the shop everyday.

Project Coordinator, Christine, took on the role as team leader for the shop in Waterloo:

It was an incredible day volunteering for Hospices of Hope with the Broadsword team. It was great to get stuck into a new environment, where we could talk to people walking past, promote sustainable shopping, and sell funky items — all for a good cause.

Combining volunteering and team building into one exercise is something that more companies should think about doing, all of the team were able to showcase their strengths such as being creative and taking on leadership roles. 

Overall it’s great to know we could really make a difference as a team and grow as people.”

group picture with a man wearing a dinosaur costume
Man in green t-shirt stood next to a man in a dinosaur costume holding up a cardboard sign that says 'donations for dino'

We are so proud to have raised a total of over £800 on the day. 

Hospices of Hope provide end-of-life care to terminally ill patients across South Eastern Europe and this money can really make a difference. This amount could fund a doctor’s salary for 3 weeks in one of the countries they support.

Thank you to the Hospices of Hope team for the opportunity to support such an incredible cause.