The secret to finding event inspiration

While event planners often find themselves in a museum or art gallery, how often have you taken the time to find inspiration within the exhibitions? 

You may be struggling to come up with a concept for your next event that’s more innovative and exciting than the one before.

While you may hop straight on Pinterest to find event ideas, an unusual way for finding event inspiration is to get away from your screens and explore the world around you.

Working in a creative field that varies from crafting on-screen content for a conference to designing the stage of a fashion exhibition means inspiration can come from anywhere whether you’re strolling past a shop window display or around a museum.

Field trips aren’t just for school.

While event planners often find themselves in a museum or art gallery on a site visit or a 5am load in, how often have you taken the time to find the inspiration, stimulation and challenges hidden within the exhibitions?

It makes sense that a new idea would spark from galleries full of countless different cultures, styles, and viewpoints. Visiting an exhibition is an effective creative exercise for event designers.

Some team members recently took a creative field trip to London’s first digital art experience, Frameless, which has reimagined art digitally. It truly allows you to immerse yourself in art, covering the entire room in a 3D landscape.

While you can create a similar effect with projection mapping to captivate an audience, you can also see how this could inspire the storytelling and content that shapes an event experience.

So why are these places so thought-provoking? Like your event, everything on display has been designed purposefully. Pay attention to colour palettes used convey certain moods, the architecture and textures and the lighting used to enhance your experience or transform an exhibition space.

Creativity is the key to an unforgettable experience yet often we find ourselves stuck in coming up with new ideas. Next time you’re seeking inspiration, take a trip to your local art gallery or museum, and don’t forget to take your notebook.