Be Listening - Episode 2. The show must go on!

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The second podcast in our series is on the subtle art of show calling. We speak to two professional show callers to discuss producing events seamlessly. 

We were joined by Briony Allen and Dewi Wynne for this episode, who are both professional show callers with significant experience in live and virtual events.

In this episode, Briony and Dewi share their experiences of show calling, how they gained the relevant experience to work in their fields and some of the challenges involved in managing live v. virtual events. Both make some suggestions on how event organisers can make their shows run seamlessly with some tips on the rehearsal process and the importance of running a cue to cue.

Briony spills the beans on some heart-stopping moments from her career both in theatre and corporate events – one involving a monkey and the other with a speaker who joined a virtual event with their laptop at an unfortunate angle..

As it’s Christmas, we end with a discussion about their favourite family traditions.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Let’s learn something new together.

You can also read more about this topic via our Insight piece on the art of show calling.

Listen on Spotify here.