The Speaker's Guide to Success: with RADA Business

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RADA Business transforms human performance in business, working in the areas of leadership, personal impact, influence and presentation skills, bringing over 20 years of experience. They have coached CEOs and founders to speak on major media outlets, and in this episode of B. Listening, they are giving their insights on how you can be confident on screen and at events and speak like a leader. 

The confidence to thrive, the presence to persuade and the versatility to move any audience.” 

RADA Business offers world-class programmes to help you deliver your best performance, whatever your stage. 

We speak to Joe Barlow, Jonathon Tester and Tariq Jordan from RADA Business. They talk to us about the techniques actors use and the science behind reducing nerves, and engaging audiences. What is the secret behind a successful pitch or presentation?

  • Tariq Jordan’s passion is to bring out clients’ full potential, helping them demonstrate profound leadership with the ability to empower others. He works on storytelling techniques and motivational language practices to help leaders and companies captivate their audiences. 
  • Joe Barlow, Associate Director at RADA Business, specialises in organisational transformation and leadership performance. With a rich background in both the public and private sectors across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, Joe harnesses the power of behavioural shifts to enhance organisational outcomes.
  • Jonathon Tester, Associate Director of Marketing at RADA Business, drives strategic growth across B2B and B2C contexts with a particular interest in digital marketing and data-driven solutions.

With our guests’ expertise, we explore the benefits of speaker training for businesses and corporate events and how their approach helps you enhance your communication skills and to become a confident speaker when you’re in the spotlight. 

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You can also access the transcript for this episode here.