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Clarivate Company Kick Off

The delegate feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many comments highlighted within the in-platform chat. One positive from the global lockdown could well be that a companywide engagement piece to start the year is here to stay. 
As a multi-year Broadsword client, I view Broadsword as more than just a vendor; they are our true strategic event partner. They work hard to understand our vision, needs and goals, and consistently exceed our expectations. 
VP, Marketing Delivery & Activation, Clarivate

Audience research / insight

With a global workforce of 8500 people entirely based at home, we recognised Clarivate’s need to engage with more than just its sales team for the traditional January kick off. Creating a brand Clarivate United” and engaging a live event platform all staff could connect with, enabled us to communicate a single call to action and motivate a range of working styles. The focus was on the togetherness of the team, regardless of their geographical locations, department or background in the organisation. 

screenshot of a website that shows a virtual office reception and a button that says 'get social'
screenshot of a website that shows a virtual office reception with signs leading to different room options


Over 95% of all Clarivate employees attended the virtual conference, spending an average of over 10 hours online. Hundreds of Clarivate employees from around the world contributed content in some form. The ambition of increasing the audience and widening participation in the event on such a scale was a huge success and the event brand Clarivate United’ enabled a sense of togetherness for the entire organisation with overtones of dynamism and competition. The two virtual clubs (running and cycling, through Strava) resulted in a combination of +8,000 miles being covered. 

of all employees attended the event 
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