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ESG Leadership Offsite

How do you make 120 leaders in London, Paris, New York and at home engage as one while attending the same leadership offsite? 
Your editor didn’t need us, that was perfect. 
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On paper the task was simple. 

One Zoom call. Three locations and those who were unable to get into an office could join at home. Four days. Boom! 

In reality the complexities of delivering this project was far from the above statement. Many questions were raised. 

How does everyone feel connected?

How do people have their voices heard?

How do we breakout and feedback? 

How do we socialise? 

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Engagement was key

Broadsword created a series of pre-comms pieces to enable participants to begin thinking about the topics, the discussions and subject matter before arriving. Designing a relaxed series of video message releases each morning the week before was punctuated with contributions from the company CEO and key EXCO members. 

Structure & Process

Event success was achieved through structure and process. By pre-planning discussion points, providing clarity in the content, hosting sessions from a different locations to enable all sites to be treated the same, constantly gaining feedback from each location. All sites we able to see the other locations clearly. Social chat functionality ensure people connected separately with other locations. 

physical locations 
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