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Global Broadcast

The Credit Trends series has been run by Moody’s for many years throughout January and February. Initially, in the mid-2010’s the series ran regionally – Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas. Although the title was the same the content varied region to region. Adapting as the pandemic took hold in 2021, we chose to use the period to elevate the global reach of these thought leadership events. 
World of difference — the videos are just right, content is excellent — the panels are tight and well executed given that you are communicating complex concepts in a condensed format. 
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What were the objectives?

Key objectives were to disrupt the credit sector reporting and make claim for the Credit Trends series to become the leading global event for trusted insight on the forces that drive credit markets. By being bold in content delivery and topic, Moody’s main aim was to make this series an annual go-to’ industry insights event.

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Drawing inspiration from magazine news programmes, we followed a format often used journalistically. This consisted of setting the scene for each topic with an informative video, delivered by an analyst who did not form part of the subsequent panel. These pieces, all deliberately shot differently, explained the wider global macro aspects of the topic followed by a local panel, made up of industry experts who would discuss the subject matter with relevance to the region they were presenting from. 

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How was the project evaluated?

Being a digital event we generated a large amount of data to use to evaluate initial ROI. One consideration for an advisory business within the financial industry, is that ROI could not simply be measured in post event sales, rather in terms of reach and time on stream. 

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