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HSBC Global Graduate Induction

HSBC’s Global Graduate Induction marks the beginning of a two-year programme for 864 graduates from around the world and Broadsword have been privileged to work alongside organisers since the event’s inception. 
From my perspective, we simply could not run this event without Broadsword. Nothing asked was a big deal to you. Ideas became reality time and time again. The creative and branding was strong, full of impact and all on brand. Once again, everything was executed flawlessly and with good humour and smiles all round. 
Head of Events, Europe. HSBC


Building on previous years, we were tasked to design an authentic event in London’s ExCel, that would energise, equip and inspire attendees, creating a strong sense of community and a personalised experience for all. We developed an interactive and dynamic environment, transforming the venue to include an energised main plenary, micro group booths, an expo, networking / reflection areas and an outdoor space for evening events.

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Appealing to a younger, global audience

It was important that the event environment was flexible and could be adapted to allow for immersive participant interactivity. Our solution incorporated various seating set ups for hands-on activities in the main plenary, wireless audio headsets for silent break-out sessions and micro group booths for focused facilitation sessions.

Our environment design featured multiple zones, with sustainably produced large format print, ambient lighting and layered, textured furniture and accessory finishes to create rooms within rooms, facilitating collaborative learning and networking.

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A hit with digital engagement

The 3‑day Global Graduate Induction was considered a huge success for HSBC with up to date, relevant content for attendees. The focus on digital engagement was a hit, achieving an interactive and collaborative approach. 83% of delegates felt the dedicated GGI app added to their induction experience.