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HSBC Tomorrow Ready

Broadsword were asked to produce a virtual event series that shared business insights for existing HSBC customers from across the UK. The series was to be delivered over three weeks. 
Practical and very human, as well as humane — especially relevant in our current context (amidst the pandemic). Effectively highlights the critical and enabling role of LEADERSHIP. Well done! 
Attendee Feedback

The Tomorrow Ready experience

We built the Tomorrow Ready event experience to meet the needs of HSBC’s UK SME customers. Our objective was to engage with this audience through educational insights and reinforce the positive brand view of HSBC. To do this, we designed the community hub as an iPlayer’, where attendees would go to find and watch educational content, rather than to interact with peers.

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screenshot of the virtual event website with different seminars to attend

Creativity & innovation

For the site structure, we focused our creativity on a genuinely informative site with simple navigation. Netflix has been a wonderful platform for many during Covid, but it can be unwieldy if you do not know what content you want to access. With this in mind, the registration process was worded to gain details on what interested the attendees. Why were they signing up for the series? What made them want to attend? This data was fed into the platform construction. When delegates logged onto the site, they were instantly viewing their custom agenda, with access to supporting content and resources easily accessible.

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Both client and customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive across all touchpoints. All events across the programme series scored 9.5 /10 or higher and all other internal targets were met. 

Tomorrow Ready provided hours of useful insights for UK customers, supporting internal engagement and retention campaigns. A female host and multiple sessions featuring female speakers demonstrated HSBC’s continued support for female SME leaders. 

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