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Taylor Wessing's International Partner's Conference

Global partners were invited to Frankfurt to see beyond’ in an immersive conference centred around the metaverse, which led to creative use of AI and Motion Capture technology. 

Global law firm Taylor Wessing welcomed over 200 of their international partners to a senior leadership event in Frankfurt to promote togetherness while celebrating their achievements over the past three years. The theme of the event was to See Beyond and as part of this project, Broadsword was tasked with creating an extraordinary plenary event experience for delegates.

The See Beyond Experience

We asked delegates to see beyond’, encouraging curiosity and to look past convention. As such, we explored creating an immersive and interactive experience that partners would remember.

With creativity and innovation running throughout this project, having a MetaHuman host felt like a striking way to connect with the audience and the other speakers on stage. 

With the live human” host backstage, the MetaHuman came to life via Motion Capture — amplified in scale by the huge LED wall – to tower as a hyper-realistic avatar 5m above his fellow presenters. 

Keynote Speaker, Jürgen Alker, controlled the MetaHuman backstage whilst wearing a Motion Capture suit which enabled him to respond in real-time. There was a perfect reveal moment as the audience realised through the live interaction that the MetaHuman could see and hear them, answer questions and share jokes. 

We further utilised the theme of the event to immerse the audience by creating an animated opening video using over 100 connected AI generated images. Our creative team came up with a concept to use AI generated imagery to create an evolving kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and patterns that added perfectly to the hyper reality in the look and feel of the content. 

The experience challenged perspectives and transported the audience to an alternative reality, and as such questioned the way we usually see things.

Male avatar on LED screen
Phone with a scan of a face to track movement


The conference delivered above expectations for many reasons. Not only were we able to bring global partners together but, through breaking with convention, the event experience reflected Taylor Wessing’s’ positioning as one of the most forward thinking and connected law firms in the world within the technology, media and communications sectors. The MetaHuman technology was ultimately an incredibly successful fit for this event which asked the audience to see beyond the ordinary. 

AI generated images of content 
MetaHuman Speaker