Shakespeare at Sunset

RADA Business transported guests to 1623 in this immersive Shakespearean themed event, centred around Shakespeare’s portfolio of plays and celebrating the 400th anniversary of his First Folio, the landmark publication of his works. Broadsword worked as event partner to deliver this unique event experience at Stationers’ Hall, London. 
Totally smooth, seemingly effortless, and such a positive team to work with. The level of trust we could place in you freed us, as hosts, to focus on our clients and deliver the best possible event from our side. It felt like we formed a real partnership for the event – I couldn’t have asked for more. You totally got the RADA magic. 
Head of Marketing — RADA Business

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) is a global leader in its field. For over 20 years, RADA Business has translated this excellence to the business arena, transforming the workplace performance of individuals, teams and organisations around the world. 

RADA Business welcomed their clients to experience the world of Shakespeare at an exclusive event with dynamic performances from their acting alumni including scenes from A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar.

entrance to stationers garden
courtyard garden at stationers hall
i love thee note in a tree
historic queen and king costume

Setting the scene 

Stationers’ Hall is a historic venue which formed the perfect setting for his event, with guests able to visit the archive to view original documents from the time of the First Folio’s publication. The beautiful courtyard garden provided many ideal staging moments for performances with the iconic plane tree at its centre. 

Planted in 1835, the plane trees of London were reported to be the lungs of the city” – they have a unique bark that acts like an air filter, literally cleansing the air around them.

love notes hanging from a tree branch against glowy warm lighting
shakespeare quote projected onto a wall in cursive

It’s all in the details

Part of our collaboration on this project was to bring the world of Shakespeare to life, incorporating all the senses in the theming and production, and working with the venue and client, to provide those moments of wonder and surprise.

To welcome attendees into the live event, guests walked through a hidden entrance into the garden, where our team used projection in the vaulted tunnel to create an immersive experience at the start of the evening. A series of sonnets were recreated as a kinetic projection — animating as written text onto the walls with the spoken words being played through concealed speakers, synced to the animation. 

The garden was transformed into the​‘Forest of Arden’ with romantic festoon lighting and love notes among the trees. Guests were encouraged to help themselves to the love notes that were printed on seed paper that could be planted at home as a sustainable giveaway.

eton mess desserts in glass bowls on a tray
canapes on a tray with old fashioned writing underneath

A bespoke menu was created by Searcy’s, with every dish inspired by quotes from Shakespeare’s plays including an​‘O that brave Caesar’ salad and Tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers’!

character in maid costume shouting at drinking character in suit
bowing and smiling actress in a blue costume dress

Performances moved through the crowds to make full use of the garden. Broadsword’s sound set-up enabled this movement, freeing actors to really enjoy the full space whilst ensuring all dialogue was clearly heard by the audience. 

Throughout the night, actors performed among the guests and led them around the venue from canapés in the garden to a central stage in the Court Room where speeches were given to thank clients and end the night with a​“cheers to Shakespeare”!