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Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust Conference

The Thomson Reuters Foundation is the corporate foundation of Thomson Reuters. A global organisation known as a thought leader in the anti-slavery world, it strives to advance media freedom, raise awareness of human rights issues and foster more inclusive economies. 
The production for our event was light years ahead of what we’ve previously had. Broadsword understood our ethos and vision for the event almost immediately and were quick to respond to last minute requests. Thank you to everyone on the team. 
Thomson Reuters Foundation

A strategic approach and a competitive tender

We were invited to pitch to the Trust’s new CEO in the summer of 2019 and having been notified of our success, had three months to deliver the conference which was staged in November 2019 at the QEII Centre in Westminster.

We were tasked to develop an inclusive environment in which to stage a powerful programme, addressing the creation of a fairer economic system and closing civil society space, with a special focus on media freedom, tech and human rights.

We start every project by exploring the legacy the event taking place will leave. The CEO shared his newly-defined focus, with three interconnected pillars of work: media freedom, inclusive economies and human rights. All elements of our proposal were designed with these pillars in mind. 

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Enabling stories to be translated

Broadsword specialise and focus on producing events for organisations working for positive change. Perhaps our greatest strength is our ability to combine creativity with our understanding of audiences, pushing organisers and attendees to think. It is vital that we bring an experienced team to the project who fully understand and invest in the event purpose. 

Inventing the most impactful format for the messaging and cutting-edge visual presentation of keynotes, was key. But equally, creating an intimate and sensitive setting for speakers, including Uyghur activist Ferkat Jawdat and Taliban attack survivor Ahmad Nawaz, to share hard-hitting personal stories, was essential.

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