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Women of the Future Awards

Setting the stage to celebrate and provide a platform for some of the most successful women in Britain who are making a long-lasting change. 
You have been hands-on every hour of the day to support us and we appreciate it so much. The whole team were incredible and such a joy to work with. Thank you again for pushing us even further in this new digital event world, the development of live winners’ addresses was brilliant. 

Celebrating women’s success

The awards recognise the achievements of women who work across a range of diverse sectors. Former alumni include award-winning scientists, architects, athletes and entrepreneurs. Due to the pandemic, the programme was reset as a digital event with the challenge of showcasing all nominees across 15 award categories. 

However, the ceremony was exciting and engaging as winners of each category were announced live to maintain suspense, in addition to a combination of keynotes, panel discussions and networking rooms throughout the event. The virtual breakouts and networking rooms allowed for a greater level of engagement from quieter voices.

Event design and production

We built a custom digital environment as a platform to host the awards, including speaker pages, agendas and a stream page for the live show and profiles of all 105 nominees. This created a digital home for the event so that the audience could quickly recognise where they were and feel part of a wider community. Our creativity and innovative slides, transitions and backgrounds allowed for our client’s vision to come to life, reaching over 700 participants!

Award categories